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Looking after You and Your Pet - A Caring and Professional Service

When you turn to us for advice, our experienced teams of qualified Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses will first take the time to listen and understand your concerns and needs.

You will then be guided through the options and choices.

(We can offer a broad range of services and expertise)

While we can always offer the ‘Gold Standard’ with access to the best specialists available in London, there is never any pressure to elect the most elaborate or expensive procedures.

Each Patient and Client is treated as an individual and every member bunnyof staff is trained to respect their needs, wishes and expectations.

Practice resources

While each of our three clinics is self contained and fully equipped, each benefits from the resources of a larger group.

From the basic level of helping each other out in times of unavoidable staff shortages to Clinical Governance where standards are established and monitored within the group.

Which all contributes to providing a good service.

our fees

Our pricing policy is based on providing good value, with moderate fees and our staff are able to give estimates and quotes for all procedures.

They also are trained to help solve the difficulties that can arise when finances are limited.

This can range from setting up payment plans within the Practice, to arranging for assistance from organisations like the Cat Action Trust, Cat Protection League, Hounslow Animal Welfare and the RSPCA.

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