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Preventitive Healthcare

Health care services for your pet ideally start with advice on pet selection and conclude with advice on the loss of a loved companion. New patients who enter the Practice are automatically placed into the proper area of our overall programme based on age.

Paediatric Care: Birth to 1 Year

  • Initial physical examination to find any detectable congenital abnormalities or health problems
  • Parasite control programmes - Internal (worms) and External (fleas, lice, mites, ticks)
  • Nutritional advice and vaccination programmes
  • Advice on training and behavioural problems
  • Neutering if required
Download our New Puppy & Kitten care guide

Health Maintenance Care: 1 - 7 Years

  • Annual check-up
  • Booster vaccinations
  • Parasite control advice
  • Routine dentistry
  • Urinalysis
  • Health screening, blood tests, if required

Senior Care: 7 Years +

Our pets age 7 - 9 times more quickly than humans and health related aging problems occur our pets just as in ourselves; such as cancer, dental disease, kidney disease and arthritis to name a few.

The most effective way to detect potential or existing problems is through a yearly check-up and depending on the individual a range of screening tests can be arranged.

Finally, discussions and planning for the arrangements you would like to be made at the end of your pets life, including bereavement counselling if requested.