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Veterinary nurses

Veterinary nurses

Come and meet our veterinary Nurses.

They are fully trained to assist you with routine pet health advice and procedures. We offer a variety of Nurses Clinics here at Alcombe Vets including:

These clinics are run in the afternoons outside normal consulting hours. This means that you do not have to wait to see one of the Vets and you will not be charged a vaccination fee. You will only be charged for the treatments that are carried out/given.

Weight Clinics

If your pet could do with losing a couple of pounds (35% of dogs and 25% of cats in the UK are considered obese) then we can help you get them back to their ideal weight with our fortnightly program.

We will come up with a program that is specifically tailored to your pet and which will enable them to keep their weight in check and become healthier.

Post-operative checks

After an operation, your pet needs to come back in for a health check to ensure that there are no signs of infection and the surgical site is healing as it should. The nurse will also endure that your pet is not in pain and is as comfortable as possible during their recovery.

Suture removals

Usually 10 days after a surgical procedure your pet may have some sutures that need removing. The nurse will give a full post-operative check and remove the sutures as necessary.

Nail clips, ear cleaning

All animals' nails grow at a rapid rate. If they are not wearing them down regularly they can become ingrown and infected. If you notice your pets' nails are getting too long, pop them into one of our clinics for a quick manicure 7 pedicure.

Some animals are more prone to waxy ears than others. If left untreated they can get inflamed, uncomfortable and infected. It's best to get them cleaned before you need a visit to the vet and some antibiotics.

Senior wellness clinics

Age related illnesses often develop slowly and can be missed in the early stages, signs such as gradual weight loss, changes in drinking and eating habits over time and reduced mobility are not always easy for owners to appreciate when they see their pet every day.

Regular monitoring by our Qualified Nurses and Vets will identify changes quickly and allow us to do something about them - potentially prolonging a patient's active life.

The primary aim of Nurses Senior wellness clinics would focus on a complementary thorough check up and the possibility of screening plans. As things are picked up, the patients see the Vet and medications / investigations are prescribed as necessary.