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Choosing your Veterinary Practice

There is a wide variety of Veterinary Practices available for pet owners in the UK. Some veterinary Practices operate with just one Veterinary surgeon and one member of staff. Others may have up to 15 or more vets with a similar number of nursing and support staff.

Practices may operate on more than one site - the main practice being supported by several or very many branch surgeries. And these branch surgeries may be self-contained or have limited on-site facilities and equipment.

Facilities do vary between Practices. Some may have extensive equipment and facilities on site, while others contract some services out to specialist firms or laboratories. Similarly it is usual for Veterinary surgeons to refer unusual or difficult cases to veterinary surgeons at specialist referral hospitals.

Whatever the size of the premises, Veterinary surgeons have to make sure that 24 hour emergency cover is available for their clients every day of the week. They can do this in several ways. For example, some practices get together locally to provide this service which may mean that you have to travel to a different practice for an emergency call. Other Practices choose to use a dedicated after hour's service with staff experienced in emergency medicine and surgery - similar to the way an Accident & Emergency department at your local hospital complements the care you get at your local GP medical practice.

Why choose Alcombe Veterinary Surgery to care for your pets?

How We Provide our Service

Our Practice comprises three self-contained full service veterinary clinics located in Northfields - Ealing, Whitton - Twickenham and Osterley - Isleworth.

The people

You will find an experienced team of talented and friendly Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses and Veterinary receptionists at each clinic who are enthusiastic and keen to help you keep your pet happy and healthy.

Alcombe has a history of outstanding staff - We choose carefully and only accept exceptional individuals on the permanent team who are committed to giving you and your pets exceptional care.

We've had five staff members who were part of our team for over twenty years and more than one, who are now well on the way to thirty years with the Practice. We ensure continuous professional education for all our staff, who attend conferences and seminars in turn and share the valuable information gained with their colleagues in the Practice. This enables the Veterinary Surgeons to continually hone their skills and to be able to offer you the latest developments in veterinary care.

We are an accredited Veterinary Nurse Training Centre which requires a certain Practice standard and ensures a motivated team of professional Veterinary Nurses working to provide high levels of care for your pet. All of the Nursing and Reception staff are members of the British Veterinary Nursing Association.

Management is led by Mary Bruno VN, who has been part of the Alcombe team since the first year we opened in 1985.

Each clinic then has a senior Veterinary Nurse/Branch manager to ensure each branch stays well organised and focused on providing excellent client and patient care. All our Branch managers already have Veterinary Nursing qualifications are Members of the Veterinary Practice Managers Association.

The Premises

Our aim is to provide well maintained, clean premises with modern medical, surgical and diagnostic equipment as well as warm, clean and comfortable wards for inpatients.

While we can offer hospitalization facilities, we try wherever possible to allow pets to live at home during treatment. This decreases the stress for the patient and keeps the costs down for our clients.


We offer convenient opening hours with evening and weekend surgeries as well as appointments during the day to ensure we accommodate most of our clients' work schedules.

We try to be available for our clients and patients by maximizing our normal opening hours. For example at Ealing: We open until 7.30pm weekdays, until 6pm Saturdays and every Sunday between 11am & 1pm.

We are available 362 days a year, 7 days a week, the only exceptions being December 25, 26 & January 1.

24 hour cover/ 365 days a year

Making sure you and your pet receives the best possible care day AND night.

Because we serve such a wide area in West London, we have teamed up with THREE dedicated emergency service providers so you will be able to choose which is most convenient for you.

They are highly experienced in dealing with sick pets in emergencies and are always available out of hours either for free advice and guidance on the phone, or to see your pet if required. These Vets and Nurses are fresh and ready to care for your pet even at 2am (they sleep during the day when our regular team are on duty).

So when our doors finally close (7.30pm at Ealing, 7pm Osterley & Whitton during the week, 6pm at Ealing and 12 midday at Osterley and Whitton on Saturdays, and 1pm at Ealing on Sundays) we hand over to a new fresh team at:


We want to make sure you feel welcome and as importantly to make your pet feel welcome and relaxed. Smiling faces, homely rather than clinical atmosphere and Nurses and Vets spending time making a fuss of our patients, goes a long way to ensure this. We like to talk to the animals.

We also focus on listening to you. We're committed to giving you a full range of options and then working through them one at a time until we arrive at the option you are happiest with. You won't be pressured into making any decision or choosing any particular treatment. Instead, we will explain the options available including the pros and cons of each. We then can give you guidance on which options would best suit you and your pet and then support your decision by carrying it through – keeping you informed every step of the way.